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About us

Who we are

We are a father and son construction and renovations company based near Amsterdam, Netherlands. With years of experience in the field and diverse background amongst our personel we have managed to make our business a one-stop shop to help people turn their dream home into reality.

Our srength originates from our passion to deliver quality in what we do, and support and advice our clients in making the most adequate choices for their homes to ensure long lasting results.

Our services

What do we do?

Dry walls and ceilings construction

We can modify the interior area of your home to have more or less rooms, create storage unit spaces, hidden closets, constructions to support hidden lights and many other general constructions.

Plumbing works

Plumbing is an extra service we offer making us a one-stop shop. We can connect new plumbing lines and modify existing ones so your bathtub, douche, sink and kitchen can be in the place you envisioned them to be and not where you found them.

Electrical works

As part of our renovation works we can take care of all your electricity needs. From simpler things such as installing your light fixtures and spots  to running new lines, installing new/modifying existing fuse box (meterkast) and much more.

Bathroom/WC renovations

Bathroom/WC renovations usually include a wide range of the services we provide, including flooring, plumbing, electrical and more.


Do you want a lean straight wall? Us too!

There are many techniques in plastering. The most common we find in the Netherlands is done using many Knauf products.


We can paint walls and ceilings any color you would like (Single, double, triple color). We also do wallpapers for those areas, treatment as well as painting of wood surfaces such as staircases, doors, frames etc.


We work with different types of materials for the installation of floors such as wooden floor, PVC, laminate, tiles etc. but also different styles of installing these, such as fishbone and more.

Demolition works

Demolition is not as simple as it sounds as a task. It is a work that requires precision for any changes to be made, ensuring that no electrical lines, pipes and structural pillars are negatively affected. To make the afterwork everything you have dreamed it to be, adquate pre-work must be done.

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